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Notice Board
School will remain closed on account of Excessive Cold till 06/01/2018
Exams of 29/12/2017 and 30/12/2017 will be conducetd on 08/01/2018 and 09/01/2018
School timing on 08/01/2018 : arrival @ 10:00 am Dep @ 12:50 pm
Admissions for session 2018-19 will begin from 22/01/2018
Kindly download Winter Vacation homework on the link given below (copy and paste in your browser)
"The aim of Education is the knowledge not of facts but of Values"
Mount Summer School is an independent school. Our aim is to enable children to develop their individual potential
Why Mount Summer School

Welcome to Mount Summer School, home of the value Education! Our school provides a rigorous education for our students, which prepares them to be successful . Our motivated students are high-achieving and they are able to pursue their interests in sports, music, drama, and writing skills. Mount Summer School participates in a block schedule, in order to maximize instructional time and prepare students for their future.

Welcome to Mount Summer School where our students thrive in an environment of collective pride and achievement. Mount Summer provides an enriching education that commences with Foundation (Prep) and moves through to Boards.     read more
Principal Message